Our Muse Misty reprises her role of Shudu for Phoenix Magazine.

  • Thomas Lockyer

”There are two ways Wilson can create images of Shudu. The first is fully 3D – but here he says the problem is that many fashion designers don’t have 3D computer generated versions of their garments, so to dress the model effectively you need to shoot on a real model and then merge the images together. “It makes Shudu probably one of the most ‘collaborative’ models. A combination of lots of people rather than just one. I find that really, really interesting,” Wilson explains. “The models convey some of their personality to your character, almost like someone playing a character in a film.” Wilson has a small roster of “muses” he uses to act as a stand in, including Jamaican model Misty Bailey who is signed to D1 Models in London. Bailey originally discovered Shudu on Instagram, “I was like: ‘Wow, this is amazing!’ At first, I obviously thought she was a real person, but then I realised that this is digital. I posted a picture of myself wearing swimwear from a shoot I did, and Cameron commented saying something like ‘Oh, you look so much like Shudu!’ I was flattered. Then we started talking about doing projects together, but we actually started collaborating a year after. We did that campaign for Ellesse and then the BAFTA Awards.” Read Full Article - https://www.phoenixmag.co.uk/article/meet-shudu-the-worlds-first-digital-supermodel/?fbclid=IwAR3Ew5rv_-BR_f813XW4nmq4jThrLpWTRKHdIut_UTba4V2IOOEE22kSh1U Muse -Misty - https://www.thediigitals.com/misty