OUR PLASTIC OCEANS - Crùbag x Renuka Ramanujam x Taynuilt Primary x Scottish Association for Marine Science

  • Renuka Ramanujam

“We, the children of primary 6/7 at Taynuilt Primary School in Scotland, wanted to communicate a message about what people are doing to the environment in relation to plastic pollution in our oceans.” Our Plastic Oceans is a collective effort of art, science education, and action that aims to bring awareness to the imminent issue of microplastic pollution. The pupils of primary 6 and 7 of Taynuilt Primary collaborated with Crùbag and scientists at SAMS. The notebook collection developed by Crùbag explores the children’s vision of the oceans' future. Jessica Giannotti (Crùbag’s founder) invited Renuka Ramanujam, a material and textile designer with a keen interest in bio-based design to join the project and co-run the creative workshops. The pupils have illustrated and collaged stunning artworks, depicting microplastic fragments in our seas, the marine life that are faced with them, and how we as humans continue to impact the eco-system. These artworks have been developed as a new range of notebooks, hand-made with organic cotton. Each notebook was made with love by our sustainable supplier Kapdaa. We formatted the designs and used organic cotton printed by the Glasgow School of Art, Centre for Advanced Textiles. We took the pupils artworks and developed them as a new range of notebooks to raise awareness on plastic pollution, highlight the power of educating our future generations and give the children a platform to share their views.