Our Women

  • Brian Maina

Since we all came from a woman, got our name from a woman and our game from a woman, why not pay respect to our women, to all of our women in all of their professions, including our female artists. The Our Women exhibition is a multi media exhibition that will be displaying the works of 3 three female artists from ethnic minority groups. Barbara john - Artist photographer and videographer Barbara John sensitively captures the movement of artists and dancers she works with. In search of permanent progress, she chooses to work most exclusivelywith artists, at the beginning, with whom she can learn, grow artistically, and share a human experience. In total symbiosis with her subject, she shoots with instinct, to capture the feeling of the movement and transcribe the emotions of the moment, and to create sensual, incarnate and powerful images. Barbara will be exhibiting both her film and photography work. Sara Samra - Designer and Artist Sara Samra created a brand with the name of Askaris who’s sole message is one of defiant resistance to fashion norms and challenges societies perceptions. This is a topic close to Sara’s heart, belonging to a minority group within a minority group (black & muslim). A growing feeling that her and her community is portrayed in an inaccurate light encouraged Sara to create a brand that could represent this minority group with a new and fresh vision. For Sara this is more than a brand, it is a journey that portrays fresh ideas, confidence and a way for her to tell her own narrative. Sara will be exhibiting multimedia pieces.