Own Label Store Concession

  • Megan Walker
This project was about marketing and pitching an own label design range to a UK leading retailer that was suited to the created brand. We were to produce a hero item from the range, that would push the brand forwards in terms of sales and brand identity. We were to produce marketing plans, retail reports and research, as well as producing and designing a range that translated to store.

I produced a range under my own name "Megan Walker" and it played on muted colour pallets with elements of print medias and beautiful natural materials. I was keen to explore functional pieces that could be used as multi seasonable wardrobe must haves, and muti-function able garments that could be adapted to different occasions.

Based on trend reports i was keen to explore faux fur. Making faux fur a function to winter wear and smart wear, and most importantly finding a fur that had fantastic realistic qualities. Due to print medias and a no real fur policy i decided to retail my range to Liberty's London. It was a great store that showcased new, upcoming designers and my range in terms of design appeared to suit quite well.

I decided my signature product to be a coat, as this was a great way to display how new brands can source and retail faux fur at great prices with luxury appeal. The coat was to represent multi function in a way in which it had a smart but trend worthy appeal in its shape and style, but had the opportunity to add and remove a full fur collar for seasonal and occasion wear too. I implemented a digital lining produced by my own art work which was symbolic of the brands theme and identity.