P.F. Chang’s Asian Table

  • Joanna Marciszewska
  • Agata Graczyk
  • Ben Wilkinson
  • Adam Neale
Our client asked us to create a documentary-style video promoting their new location in London as part of a larger video campaign for them.
This project exemplifies the Bold Content approach: To meet our client’s marketing goals but to create content that will engage audiences due to its creative originality.
Our client asked us to create a corporate documentary for an internal conference. We asked whether we could also create a piece which would work for their website and social channels which would make them stand out from the crowd. They agreed to give us creative control so we worked with a talented young Director, Ben Wilkinson (who several years ago had been through our intern training program) to create a documentary which is visually arresting, using fast-paced editing, strong sound design and a voice over which interacts with the participants.
We met their initial marketing goal with this film: https://boldcontentvideo.com/project/p-f-chang-corporate-restaurant-video/
But also helped them create a striking social media film, which worked to entice people to visit P.F. Chang’s Leicester Square location. We wanted to create a light-hearted piece, which parallels the environment of the restaurant: smart and sophisticated but not pretentious.