Paco Rabanne Campaign

As Creative Director for Viacom Advertising Sales and Brand Solutions I worked closely with Paco Rabanne in Paris to devise their 2014 International Campaign.

The prelude to the campaign was Paco Rabanne setting up #BLACKXSRECORDS® and partnering up with MTV to search new musical talent.

Kickstarted by a Competition spot, 5 bands amongst hundreds across the globe were voted by web users and a jury.

Winning prize for the five shortlisted was to record an album in Belgium, available here.

London born Guy Ivory was awarded the first prize: to get a music video made and broadcast on MTV.

Guy performs a soulful interpretation of the 60's hit "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals.

The Entire Campaign is documented on this micro Site: http://www.pacorabanne.com/blackxs/gb-en/label
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