• Andres Del Risco
  • Laura Rincon

A fresh, modern, engaging platform in which both assessors and students can take their teaching and learning online. Paddeco is a growing business of qualified HVAC assessor-tutors teaching across the UK, allowing their learners to empower themselves and take control of their careers. With 125 years of experience, they are now expanding to the digital space with their brand new E-Learning platform.

Paddeco sought to bring their business and services into the digital world. In need of a complete digital make-over, Foundry Digital was given the job of ensuring all aspects of Paddeco were suitably brought together to transform this outdated site into an engaging E-learning platform with a strong presence.
The courses are a core aspect of the Paddeco learning platform, where users find the core content of the course as well as the required learning materials. This easy to follow course structure allows the learners to complete their assignments at their own pace, in whichever order they like, with “Learner reviews” in between the modules to ensure they keep on track. The E-learning system allows assessors to give individual feedback on each of the modules which the learner can access at any time through the portal.
Foundry Digital was given complete creative control, from interface design to the restructuring of the website. Having important existing content, these pages were given priority. These pages were given an element of interactivity for the user, allowing them to become more engaged with the information and giving them a taste of what the courses might include.

Paddeco sought to also make their logo more modern to go along with the refreshed website. Giving it an element of authority, yet playfulness, helping the brand become more relevant and interactive. An element of making the website more interactive was the inclusion of personalised animations and digital artwork.

Foundry Digital designers created animations to go along with the branding and implemented these consistently across the website wherever needed.

The restructuring was introduced to new content as well as new complex functionalities, this included a series of assessments, course structures, and documentation areas.
Foundry Digital took on board all that was required by Paddeco and returned a fresh, modern, engaging platform in which both assessors and students can take their teaching and learning online. Having worked together with the Paddeco team, Foundry Digital ensured that all aspects of the platform were accessible and digestible for users, resulting in greater engagement and thus greater results for the learners.