Painting and the Transcultural

Kovet.Art is delighted to invite you to our virtual talk ‘Painting and the Transcultural’, an exclusive in conversation between Kovet Artist Kristy M Chan and Professor Andrew Stahl, Head of Undergraduate Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. Kristy and Andrew will be discussing the influence of travel and displacement in contemporary art practice, and how cultural traditions and personal histories affect symbolism and visual language. Kristy M Chan’s multi-layered paintings explore ideas of displacement, movement and change. Her painterly language is often dense with information describing her own unique responses to both her current surrounding environment, and reflections on her upbringing in Hong Kong. Her work acts as a visual archive, a compilation of the memories and emotions she feels both in the studio while in engaged in the physical act of painting; but also reaching further to her responses to the changing seasons, people, and the quotidian acts of daily life. Chan describes the uncanny quality of her work as a kind of “stolen reality”, where once certain shapes and forms are amalgamated and changed throughout the painting process, shedding original meaning to become something new. To RSVP, please follow the link in bio, and we look forward to welcoming you!

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