Pandemic Culture 30-day free trial

Free access to our Library of 27,000+ exclusive articles on consumer behaviors

Since the start of March 2020, we’ve been shifting our focus to analyze the surprising impact of the pandemic crisis, resulting in the production of the Pandemic Culture ‘Living Report’. Designed around a Crisis Framework considering the five stages of a crisis response, we’ve been activating our network of academics, thought leaders, and cultural experts to widen our community’s understanding. We’re sharing the key learnings on our weekly webinar series, building up a living record of the biggest shifts from the past few months on our Library, and sparking debate on our Pandemic Culture Community.

Typically, this Library is closed access to our members. But due to the exceptional circumstances we wanted to offer up one-off access to help non-members discover the power of behavioral insights.

What does it include?

Lockdown Access gives you a taster of life as a Canvas8 Member. We’re offering a 30 day free trial of the Canvas8 Library - our exclusive insights platform which contains 27,000+ original research signals, reports and case studies.

This includes access to our new COVID-19 section, which contains a full review of the impact of the virus on consumer behavior across the six unique macro behavioral shifts we have identified - active adaptations, radical care, massive digitization, restrained consumption, preparedness as a value, and return to expertise.


  • Track the six macro behavior shifts in response to the crisis
  • Use behavioral science to anticipate people’s reactions
  • Discover expert perspectives to inform business decisions
  • Monitor current sentiment to stay relevant
  • Be inspired to pivot and adapt your business
  • Stay informed with the latest behavioral insights

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