Pandemic Culture Online Learning Course

Access our free online education program and learn how to apply the Pandemic Response Framework in four 15–minute episodes.

In March 2020, Canvas8 launched an investigation into the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behavior. The result was Pandemic Culture, a 250-page report and eight-part webinar series. It has enabled organizations to navigate the changes caused by the pandemic by delivering a crisis Framework to track short-term and long-term cultural shifts.

By partnering with 360 Learning and digital learning expert Ashley Emerson, we’ve distilled that Framework into four interactive and bite-sized episodes, sharing the key learnings with those who need a refresher or missed the webinars.

We're offering free access to this course to our Pandemic Culture community, continuing Canvas8’s mission to help to navigate through the crisis with resilience and stay relevant to your audience.

Each module has been designed by behavioral analysts to help planners, strategists, and decision-makers get up to speed with the extraordinary human shifts that have occurred over the past few months.

Using interactive features such as timelines and quizzes, you can engage with the Pandemic Culture insights in new ways and better embed its learnings.

What are the benefits?

/ Absorb the Pandemic Response Framework in <2 hours
/ Get clarity on people’s needs as they adapt and shift
/ Be equipped to meet your consumers' emotional and practical requirements
/ Know how to adapt your communications, tone, and leadership to resonate throughout the pandemic
/ Apply Canvas8’s crisis Framework to navigate your business challenges

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