Paper Planes - British Airways

  • Laura Fluture
  • Carina Toma Toma

Brief: Reimagine Christmas for British Airways, exclusively on Pinterest.

strategic approach WHAT DO WE WANT PEOPLE TO DO? This Christmas, we want to make people think about us even if they're not flying.
objective OK, BUT WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACHIEVE? Gain some brand recall and continue growing British Airways as a lovebrand.
positioning WHAT DO WE CARE OF? We care about what people care of. The rule of a respectable airline? People first. Always.
creative concept And how do we reinvent Christmas? A digital translation of our brand's DNA: talk about planes, about destinations, about caring, all through a dedicated Christmas campaign that lives on Pinterest.
introducing Paper Planes by British Airways

We reinvent the most popular gift of all times: the Christmas card. And we show people how they can creatively use a simple piece of paper: write down their wishes and finally fold it as an airplane. Last but not least, we want people to think of their loved ones as an important destination where their wishes fly to. Awwww, that's cute, right? ❤️

Welcome on board of our creative executions.
Ready for take off?
Read the pre-campaign-flight safety instructions Contextual Targeting Ads Static ads that will encourage users to check out the British Airways Pinterest boards where they will find out how to reinvent their Xmas card and also get a recommendation of a destination suitable for both the sender and the receiver.
Oh, wait some more!
We also have some Video Ads that we will use on Xmas Trends. Watch them here!
Read the pre-campaign-flight safety instructions Carousels One carousel for each "destination" (we only have 3 now). The carousels will be step by step instructions for reinventing the Xmas card, while the call to action will also encourage users to check out destinations that suits both them and the Xmas card receiver.
Read the pre-campaign-flight safety instructions Pin extension - Personalized Board This execution is very interactive. In the end, based on the answers' selection, users will get a paper plane recommendation for reinventing the Xmas card, alongside a real destination recommendation for both them and the Xmas card receiver. Each result will be a dedicated Pinterest board that will live in British Airways' Pinterest page (1 board / result).
British Airways Pinterest Board Examples
Xmas Destination: Lover; Xmas Destination: Mom; Xmas Destination: Sis; Xmas Destination: Cool Uncle; Xmas Destination: BFF etc.

Click here to see how an example of board could look like ✈️
Read the pre-campaign-flight safety instructions Pin extension - Personalization Users will select from the predefined answers, all based on key words that will recommend them a dedicated article from the British Airways website.
Where to: Redirect to the British Airways website, specifically to the Holiday Type section.

Oh, no, our trip almost reached the end.
(Really) nice to have idea We can also use Pinecodes! How? Even though this idea is outside Pinterest, it brings people ON the platform! Long story short, we'll place the Pincodes in the real airplanes (not the paper ones, lol), directly in the chair pouch, alongside a piece of paper. By scanning them, travellers will land directly on our British Airways Pinterest boards to build their own Paper Plane Xmas Card, right before take off.
Hey, and since we talk about planes, it's time for a journey. A consumer one, to be more specific.
We hope you enjoyed your trip!