Papillons Précieux

  • Clare Warner

Created for the Advanced Track of the Make It In Design Winter School (2024) in response to a brief titled 'Metamorphosis'. ------- Butterflies spend much of their lives in transformation. They were a popular motif amongst Art Nouveau artisans who transformed them from fleeting to eternal beauties via the art of enamelling and gem setting. This was the element of metamorphosis that I took for my design. ------- Hand-painted/digital hybrid. Hand-painted elements retouched and digitally developed in Photoshop. Please scroll to the end of the project to see my moodboard and hand-painted elements.

Blended showing all three colourways.

'Topaz' colourway
Boho-style wallpaper in 'topaz'.
'Amethyst' colourway
Butterfly patterned cushion in 'amethyst'.
'Emerald' colourway
Butterfly patterned notebook in 'emerald'.
Moodboard showing a mix of real butterflies as well as jewellery, illustration and a hand-mixed colour palette.
My drawings and hand-painted elements given some insight into how I make my designs. They are carefully created with great attention to detail.