Parallel London - Sign-Up Campaign


Defining a new celebration for a diverse audience


The inaugural Parallel London mass participation event has everything going for it: taking place on the eve of the Rio Olympics, and being held at the site of the London Olympics in Queen Elizabeth Park. This competitive, fun, family celebration is for everybody – the only thing it needed was a creative concept to power the promotional campaign and drive sign ups.


Led by Paralympian Sophia Warner, Parallel needed one overarching idea that would appeal to everybody: disabled and non-disabled alike. Rather than disability, this idea focused on inclusivity – capturing the moment every person at the event would feel united by diversity and a part of something exciting and enjoyable.


#EverybodyIn became the clarion call of the campaign, brought to life with an energetic shot of eager volunteers on location at Queen Elizabeth Park. With the September 4th event-date approaching, the creative was released across social and print, with the aim of meeting the target 10,000 sign ups.