Parking an Electric Car at the Airport

  • Carrie Jackson
More and more people are switching to all-electric vehicles; they’re cheaper to run and require less maintenance. In addition, they’re also better for the environment, a huge driving factor in their popularity. You will also notice more electric cars around cities so motorists can avoid clean air zone charges. If you have an electric car or are considering buying one, you might be concerned about charging points and what to do if you want to leave your car at the airport when you go on holiday. This article looks at what to consider when choosing whether to park your electric car at the airport or if you should travel using an alternative method of transportation.

Will your car hold its charge?

Electric cars can hold their charge for months, so if you have enough battery in your car to get yourself home when you arrive at the airport, you should be fine to drive home without charging your vehicle again. Ideally, your electric car should be between 50% and 80% charged before you leave it at the airport to help preserve the battery. To minimise battery usage whilst your car is sitting, there are several things you can do before leaving for your flight. Some electric vehicles have a deep sleep or power mode that can be used to prevent power loss during long-term parking at the airport. This mode turns off anything unnecessary in the vehicle so the battery won’t drain whilst the vehicle is not in use. Select this mode if it is available in your car.

Electric cars are more likely to lose charge in extreme weather conditions. If you’re leaving your car in the autumn or spring months, you shouldn’t have a problem. During the winter months, when the temperature drops, electric cars lose their charge more quickly. The same goes for the summer months when the temperature increases. If there is a heat wave or freezing weather, you might need to charge your vehicle before you leave the airport. Alternatively, you can opt to take a different form of transport to the airport and leave your electric car in the garage or undercover to protect the battery.

Charging at the airport

Many airports have facilities for charging your electric car at the airport. Alternatively, there are often low-cost charging points local to the airport, including Manchester airport car parks. Hotels, multi-storey car parks and dedicated charging stations are good options to charge your car if you want to save money or the airport doesn’t have a charging station. Ensure you plan your post-holiday charge before you travel to make things easier. Alternatively, make sure your car is charged 50% - 80% before leaving it at the airport by visiting a charging station on the route to the airport.

Preparing your car for holiday parking

As with all cars, there are things you should do before leaving your vehicle to go on holiday. Inflating your tyres is essential; over time, the car's weight will result in the tyres losing air, so it is always best to inflate them fully before leaving your car. In addition, you should take out any valuable items from your vehicles to prevent break-ins. Food and other items that are likely to go off and cause bad odours should also be removed; this will make it much more pleasant when you return to your car. If you have any canisters, water bottles or electric devices, they should be left at home or carried with you on your trip. These items can result in a fire if left in a hot car for extended periods. However, this is unlikely to happen unless the temperature is exceptionally high.

Electric vehicles are the future of travel, and as they continue to increase in popularity, many airports will add more charging stations to make it easier and more convenient for electric car drivers to leave their cars when they go on holiday. If you’re a frequent traveller, you’ll be glad to know that many airports already have on-site charging points or convenient charging stations nearby. You can also leave your vehicle for months, and it will still retain charge unless it has been exposed to extreme temperatures.


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