• Ellie Bassford

Welcome to the brighter side of Parkinson’s. Gathering together the brightest slices of positivity from across the Parkyverse, Parkylife is chock-full of hacks, perks, inspiring people and funny stories. Parkinson’s doesn’t give you loads to smile about. So Parkylife is here for whenever you need a lift, or a laugh, or a great big hearty cuddle. Join in, share the optimism. And keep on smiling. Let’s fight Parkinson’s with positivity.

No more egg and spoon races

Concentrate on the things you can do. The days of winning egg and spoon races are over so don’t torture yourself. There are endless possibilities to live a full and rewarding life with Parkinson’s. Just find the things that fulfil you the most.

Tom Isaacs Cure Parkinson’s Trust founder
Illustration by Ellie Bassford

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