Parlophone Records - Website (Concept)

  • Calvin Keesoony

Company: Parlophone Records Type: Conceptual Date: April 2nd 2019 This is a concept I created for Parlophone Records (Warner Music Group). I have noticed that they did not have a website so I decided to make one. This site features a home page, artists page, about page and contact page.

Branding Guideline
This image shows the origin behind the branding along with some of the elements such as: Colour Scheme, Logo, Icons and Typography.
This page features a stripe pattern in a black and gold colour scheme along with the updated Warner Records Logo and Parlophone Records Logo. The same pattern can be found in the Parlophone office.
Artists Page
This is the artists page which features some of the acts on the Parlophone roster including: Billy Lockett, Dinosaur Line-Up, Hamzaa, House of Pharaohs, Kano, Lily Allen, Tinie Tempah and Yxng Bane.
Yxng Bane Profile
This is the profile page for Yxng Bane and is comprised of artist's image, artist's logo, artwork, press photos and biography.
About Page
This page displays the company logo along with information about the company.
Contact Page
This page displays contact information about the company such as name of building, address and phone number.