Patriot Rovers

  • Frank Simon

I created a series of images for an outfit in North Carolina called Patriot Rovers. They're amazing people, the planet could use more people with the compassion these people share everyday. First, they rescue dogs from various places, saving them from a life of suffering, or death. Then they train them to become service dogs for people who come back from war needing some support and understanding. The soldiers get what they need, the dogs get a great life. Everyone's a winner. These are just a few of the images I created for them. It was really great to see the bond between these dogs and their people. And it was pretty amazing to see how the personalities of the dogs and their people were the same more often than not. I managed to capture those similarities in a few of these images. It got pretty emotional at times, lots of hugs, soldiers crying, dogs comforting them. I was very happy to donate the time we spent on this project.

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    Patriot Rovers