Pay the Artist

  • Maddie Fiedler

A short collaborative video addressing the exploitation of artistic labour I have become an artist because it is the right choice for me. I produce art as an outcome of my work. It is a beautiful job that brings value to society. It is a hard profession as all other kinds. And yet, some do not consider it to be a job. Not to be worth a pay. Pay the Artist is a short video created in collaboration with fellow creative to address the exploitation of artistic labour. We aim to show the raw core of creative labour. We invite you all behind the scenes of true artist's practice. Furthermore, we want to encourage artists to continue what they love to do. Written & directed by MADDIE FIEDLER Cinematography & Post-production: ALEJANDRO HUERECA Art Direction & casting by MADDIE FIEDLER Music by DAVID LINDOVSKY Starring: PAVLINA KOPECKA, DAVID LINDOVSKY, KRISTINA ROTH, MAREK MUSIL, DARYA BONDAREVA, ONDREJ ZDENEK, ESTER STASTNA, NIKOL KURIK, MONIKA MASINOVA & MADDIE FIEDLER