Peace & Justice Project

  • Maciej Baron
  • Igor Strapko

The Peace & Justice Project, a political organisation working towards social and economic justice, has reached out to us to redesign, rebuild and modernise their website

The organisation has asked Good Praxis to redesign, rebuild and modernise their website. They had existing branding, but wanted us to refresh it, expand the colour palette and make it more impactful. We were also tasked with improving the layout, information architecture and restructuring the content.

It was also very important to integrate their donation and communication platforms, ensuring everything works smoothly and that everything can be used as before without any interruption. Their newsletter and sign-up funnels had to be retained but improved to increase their effectiveness.

The site has been replatformed using Wagtail CMS, a modern and flexible CMS based on Django, which allowed us to support many different content types, from news articles to events with complex agendas. The content management system is easy to use and a lot more streamlined compared to other popular systems. It gives editors and administrators a lot of choices regarding the final outlook of their content, while ensuring design consistency and website usability and accessibility.

Wagtail CMS is an open-source platform, meaning it doesn't cost anything to run. It is also secure and trusted by many different organisations around the world.
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