• Sabrina Di Mauro

Wheeler are the people behind a bike sharing system for businesses, residential communities, universities and cities. They are based in San Francisco were they are building up their business and they are also operating customised systems in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. They wanted to create a bike sharing system in Wollongong Australia, designed for families who usually use the bikes during the weekend. The name would be ‘Pedally’ and the website had to be to be easy to navigate and fun.

My concept: I wanted to create a website that was easy to use and intuitive. My design had to be able to help families to organise their weekend plans and suggest something new to visit every weekend, helping them to discover more of their locality.
The final result: I decided to focus my design for the site on the concept of old & new, and the connection between the two. I expressed a very positive vibe and a playful atmosphere between the vintage black and white family pictures and the vibrant colours that I used that would engage Pedally’s target audience of both older and younger generations.
I created the website icons in a friendly shape reminiscent of video games to make the website more appealing to young fathers. The creation of the logo was inspired by the sense of family with 3 dots on top to signify two parents and a child, the average family demographic for Wollongong area.