Peel & Chop

  • Jorja Taylor

To create a brand that helps students live more local. Inspired by Nottingham’s fruit and veg stalls. Making them more accessible for students. The Peel and Chop app is a direct and interactive way for students to choose their weekly seasonal fruit and veg. Which they can then go and collect from their local Student Union. Insight - There are so many hidden high-quality fruit and veg stalls and local services in Nottingham. But even though the city has a huge population of students living there, hardly any of them shop locally. Choosing to spend their money at big chain supermarkets for their weekly food shop. Solution - Student Unions are used as a hub for university students across the UK. So why not use this as a platform to raise the flag for a more student-friendly fruit and veg pick up service. Peel and Chop- In collaboration with Student Unions across the UK to provide local fruit and veg for students. To inform - showing how convenient shopping for local produce can be. To educate - Giving students the tools to buy seasonal fruit and veg. To inspire - To continue to buy more locally.

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    Nottingham Trent University