Peformances & Choreography

  • Cheniece Warner
  • Abbie Jones

A collection of images and clips from works over the years (2020-).

Filmed & Edited by Elly Wel Photography.
Sound : me
Installation Jyll Bradley 'The Hop'. Choreographic work 'Belonging To The Hop' - Adesola Akinleye & DancingStrong Movement Lab (2022). Fimed and Edited by Dan Martin.
'Informed Giving?' by Bakita Kasadha. A visual-poetic response that marries poetry and movement as a commentary on the movement between space, time and knowledge created through the block-chain enabled donation tool.
'Internal Rhythms' (2019) choreographed by Sam Reid. Image by Brian Slater.
'Explore, Print, Encase' (2020). Dance film choreographed by me as a part of 'It's Your Move: Barnet!'.
Image by Elly Wel Photography.
Trails of Lockdown, a collaboration exploration our experiences of the first lockdown and what it means to re-inhabited our homes (2020).

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