PENCIL WINNER- Teen Vogue ask queer young womxn what they need from sex education

  • Jess and Nina .

Winning a pencil for this year’s D&AD New Blood brief for Teen Vogue and The Case for Her, they asked us to discuss the orgasm gap between male and female pleasure, by creating branded content. The orgasm gap focuses on how womxn have less sexual pleasure than men. But it still discusses female sex within the heterosexual space. Over half of queer womxn have an STI, and are among the most poorly sexually-educated people. Using branded content, we need to teach queer womxn about sexual wellness and pleasure to keep them sexually happy and healthy.

We will launch a YouTube series, that sends Hayley Kiyoko (aka Lesbian Jesus) on a fun date with a queer female icon. They will discuss all sorts of topics including masturbation and dental dams. Epsiodes will be anecdotal and brutally honest. Picture Hannah Hart beating Hayley Kioyoko at crazy golf, whilst chatting about strap ons.
After each epsiode is released, we will continue the conversation online so viewers can get involved. They will be able to ask their own questions, which will form the basis of accompanying articles written by a queer sex and relationships therapist.
The instagram ads capture the fun nature of the series, whilst continuing the education that young queer womxn so desire.
We can then move the conversation onto TikTok. Where young queer womxn can tell us what they #giveadam about.