Persona Collective - The Candidate

  • Emma De Nege
  • Persona Collective
  • Olga Lagun
  • Finn Boxer

‘Persona’ is a new approach to immersive art/performance where community members and local professional artists will be involved in a collaborative creative process resulting in collective experience and public expression. Through the production of common shared stories and representations. ‘Persona’ aims to directly involve the community in the art-making process and live events. Each project will involve several local business places that will become sites in which stories unfold. These ‘hosts’ will participate in the temporary transformation of their spaces through changes in light, sounds and set design. The traditional relationship with the audience will be questioned and in some case redefined to promote participation.

Poster for 'The Candidate"
Photography: Karolina Burlikowska
Photo Manipulation: Jack Wates
Design: Emma LD
I work as part of the small team of creatives that has formed Persona Collective and create designed content to showcase our projects. Persona Collective is site-specific and our locations influence every element of each project. I take this into account when designing, drawing on colour palettes, ephemera and mood from each venue we work in to create design that reflects our projects at a deeper level.
Social media assets for 'The Candidate'