Photo London VIP Programme: Recycled Worlds

Kovet.Art founder Saras Rachupalli will be in conversation with Kovet artist Tom Faber on Instagram Live for the occasion of Photo London 2020. Rachupalli will delve into Faber’s background in art history and his current working practice including his signature surrealist iconography. 'Faber’s work explores the assertive, faulty generations of memory, and the resonances of virtual ‘world-building’ at a time of environmental damage. Focusing on memory, place, and transformation, he produces both videos and digitally printed images, using a blend of techniques from drawing, painting, collage and 3D animation. Faber works with a library and archive of scans, consisting of objects and detritus from his studio and from the ground - paint marks, soil, drawings. With these materials, he develops a language of distortive mark-making and plays with the possibilities of digital gesture. Within this framework, he degrades and recycles images. Producing scenes which often have a harmonious surface, these works tend towards the lush escapism of popular animation but collapse under the effects of weather. Faber’s image-making techniques point towards the natural world but hover and stall in anxiety and escapism. They find ways of weathering material into a state of erasure, simulating threats to vast and intimate systems.'

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