Side Hustle/ Photography

Photography development

  • Jody Ogg

Over the past few years, I have developed an increasing interest in photography. Once I had discovered this passion, I teamed up with my friends’ rap group in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to act as their photographer. I would bring my camera with me more or less everywhere we went and would seize the opportunity to take a good photo when I sensed it. Most of the photos I took of them were candid however we also held photo shoots around the city. This is where my passion for photography grew and my interest in publicity and PR flourished. I moved back to London in 2017 to attend university at UAL. I discovered photography was integrated within my Public Relations course, with us having to attend photography lessons and complete photography assignments. My passion for photography has only grown since living in London and I have worked to develop my skills further. I now have my own photography Instagram account, where I not only post high-quality photos but I have coordinated my feed in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I have plans to continue its growth and as well as my own when it comes to photography. Moving forward, I am extremely dedicated to learning new things and expanding my knowledge in the photography realm. Having high-level photography skills would be a huge benefit to me as a PR practitioner as it would increase my desirability.