Picasso & Mourão: Collage and Insight into its Artistic Production BY MOUNTGALLERYPOSTED ON FEBRUARY 14, 2020 - Discovering Artists’ Personality Profiles in the Works of Analagous Mediums by Danielle L. Newns Fein

  • Danielle Fein

This article explores the nature of the exhibitory climate in London at the moment, focusing on Pablo Picasso and Olivier Mourao's formal work with collage. Comparing and contrasting two artists’ qualitative approaches to the medium of paper collage, the post ultimately allows the reader to decide as to whether or not different fundamental personality traits/demeanours play a role in the aesthetics with which the viewer is presented.

See https://mountgallery.com/2020/02/14/picasso-mourao-collage-and-insight-into-its-artistic-production/