Plaster Finishes

  • Maddison Davis

Having your walls up is not the end of the building construction process.

Different kinds of specially-plumbing materials are employed in construction work for different reasons. They are used to add aesthetics to columns, walls and ceilings. Plastering is the process of creating a smooth or rough, durable surfaces over rough surfaces of columns, walls and ceilings.
The coating or layer is referred to as Plaster. Plastering shields structures from the weathering and vermin, dust, etc. It also adds a beautiful look of the construction.
Other than the usual mortar ingredients such as aggregate, cement and lime. certain special types of materials are suitable for use in plastering construction.
These specially designed plastering products enhance certain properties of the plaster like toughness, fire resistance soundproofing, weather resistance etc.
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Special Materials for Plastering

Sometimes, specific materials are required for the application of plaster or on the surfaces that are plastered. This happens when certain requirements must be addressed for example, improved durability, more durable or appealing appearance, fireproofing as well as heat and sound insulation, etc.

1. Acoustic Plaster

Like the name implies, the plaster can be useful in the insulation of sound in theatres, auditoriums and halls, for example. It is applied in two coatsof six millimeters each, using an elongated wooden floating. The particular product is a gypsum-based mixture that is applied for the second coat. This means that the gypsum blend is applied to finish the surface.

2. Asbestos Marble Plaster

The purpose of this plaster is providing a marble-like surface. It's made of cement Asbestos in addition to finely crushed stone.

3. Barium Plaster

This type of plaster is typically used to ensure safety in rooms with X-rays. The components used include cement Barium Sulphate, and Sand.

4. Granite Silicon Plaster

It's a little expensive as a material to use for plastering however, its advantages like quick setting and resistance to cracking make up for the price.

5. Gypsum Plaster (Plaster of Paris)

Gypsum is a quick setting property that can be set in three minutes when mixed with water. Other advantages it offers are resistance to fire, lightweight and affordable. Let's look at this in depth.
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6. The Kenee's Cement Plaster

Kenee's Cement is produced by making Gypsum using Alum. It sets to a hard, brittle state in a few days, and then gives an almost white polish that resembles glass. It is utilized to create angles, skirtings and so on. Due to its attractive appearance it is utilized for ornamental work and decorative plastering.

7. Martin's Cement Plaster

Martin's cement can be obtained by calcining pearls of ash by Gypsum (also called the Plaster from Paris.) It is fast-setting, similar to Gypsum and is helpful for internal projects.

8. Parian Cement Plaster

Borax that is calcined together with Plaster from Paris creates Parin Cement Plaster. It is more affordable than Kenee's Cement due to the lower cost of Borax over Alum. It is utilized for interior work only.

9. Scagliola Plaster

If Kenee's Cement is dissolved in the coloring pigments and glue, Scagliola Plaster gets formed. It is used to plaster pilasters, pillars, panels, etc. It appears like marble once it has dried.

10. Sirapite Plaster

In the event that Plaster of Paris (POP) is slaked in petroleum Sirapite Plaster is created. A white, hard surface is produced after it is dried. It's a quick-setting kind of plaster because of gypsum being the primary material. It is also fire-resistant.

11. Colorcrete and Snowcrete Cements

Because of that white cement is white it is given the trade name of snowcrete. Similar to a colored cement, it is referred to as colourcrete. They are mostly used to enhance aesthetics of walls.

12. Thistle Hardwall

High-quality POP (gypsum) is employed to make the plastering materials known as "thistle wall". It is employed for internal projects and provides a high-quality finish.
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