Play For Positivity, Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group care about mental health and wellbeing, as highlighted by their charity partnership with Mental Health UK. With more than 1 in 5 students having a mental health diagnosis, Lloyds Banking Group wanted to use their Spring campus activation to create a fun experience with a focus on wellbeing. We were tasked to create an activation that addressed the stigmas around mental health with sensitivity whilst simultaneously delivering a memorable and positive experience. We took over campuses with positivity posters and shareable compliment cards, all designed to lift spirits and help students battle the January blues. Our approach encouraged a positive mindset, whilst also inviting students to delve further into the #MORETHANONEWAY social campaign. With a growing buzz on campus, we began touring the UK – with our 8ft illuminated seesaws in-tow. The joy of play can be hugely beneficial to both productiveness and mental wellbeing, and at a time in life where work can overtake play, our seesaws provided a moment of escapism from everyday life. Each six-hour seesaw activation reached a daily average of 100 students per hour. 408 compliment cards were collected, and over 10,000 students were left smiling! This event was also a testament to the relationship we’ve built with Lloyds Banking Group, and how they’ve come to trust us with their brand. Our success was 100% driven by the reactions of the students that engaged with the activation. By playing a positive part in each student’s day we achieved our goal, with many students being quick to comment how the seesaws allowed them to escape the stresses of life and reflect on what is most important.