Playful Retreat For Kind Creators

  • Rik Turner

3 - 10 APRIL 2022, ARRÁBIDA NATURAL PARK Join a group of 10 inspiring creators for an all-inclusive 7-night SlowCo retreat in stunning natural surroundings. Slow down to create more and welcome spring; relaxed, refreshed and re-energised. Each day we'll be offering healthy, fun activities to bring you wellness, inspiration and joy. Outside of planned activities, you can also expect moments of child-like curiosity, spontaneous dancing and wonder. It’s the in-between bits and unexpected conversations where the magic really happens. There will be time to focus on your own needs and support from a group of people as awesome as you. Workshops are led by both hosts and participants. This spring retreat takes place in Arrábida Natural Park, only 45 mins south of Lisbon.