Playgrounds Festival Titles

  • TeYosh (Teodora & Sofia)
Playgrounds Festival (The Netherlands) is a 5 day showcase and celebration of the creative image. Presenting the best and brightest of contemporary animators, vfx artists, game developers, sound & graphic designers.
For the titles for Playgrounds Festival we decided to explore the digital in subconsciousness. It is obvious that digital technology has changed our perception of daily life but how much space does it take in our dreams too? Do you sometimes dream through Instagram feeds and mails?
The video is a dream of passing through surreal spaces, each permeated with digital symbols. In the last room all the elements from previous three rooms are collapsing because the dream is coming to and end.
Art direction: TeYosh Animation: TeYosh Sound: Dylan Galletly ( ) Client: Playgrounds Festival ( ) Year: 2016