PODCAST: Hatty Jones on writing your own play [Power Suit Podcast]

This episode of Power Suit Podcast, Lauren chats to actor & writer Hatty Jones, who was the star of classic 90s kids film Madeline.
We talk about the realities for Hatty of writing and putting on her first ever play, 'That Girl' - showing until Sep 15th at the Old Red Lion Theatre in London.
The play takes Hatty's child star role as its initial inspiration, exploring what might have become of someone under the spotlight as a child and how that affects their ability to grow up. The story sees Hatty's character being kicked out of her flat due to her housemate getting married, and covers - in excruciatingly awkward moments - the anxieties that come with growing up, your friendship group evolving, and turning 30.
In this episode of Power Suit Podcast, Hatty reveals what it was like being famous by the age of 10, the need for female-led narratives in popular culture, and where she sees the future of theatre going.

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p.p.s. Photo credit Roo Lewis: www.roolewis.com
That Girl has been extended due to popular demand, with dates through to Sat 15th Sept.