PODCAST: Music Impossible A (production, audio editing/mixing)

  • Greg E [nonsegmental]

The 1st season of a fairy-tale, narrated by its author Myrto Loulaki inside a sonic world created by the Metapraxis Ensemble.

On May 18th 2013, the Metapraxis Ensemble premiered 'Music Impossible' at LSO St Luke's: a shadow puppetry & theatre version of Myrto Loulaki's fairy tale, as it was devised by Gregory Emfietzis and generously supported by the Arts Council England & London Symphony Orchestra.

'Music Impossible' was meant to be reworked/revived in 2020. Since that isn't possible at the moment, and almost 7 years after its premiere, we are initiating this series of podcasts, in an online collaboration between artists spread around Europe & Asia.
All funds will go towards supporting the Metapraxis Ensemble, a non-profit organisation, focusing on the research, development and presentation of experimental (contemporary) music in various settings (music venues, theatres, as well as schools and other educational institutions).