POPA Fat X | London Fashion Week June 2022

  • Carmen Emanuela Popa
  • Yağmur Kahraman
  • dior goshen

Fat X talks about the ambiguity in which today's society lives, about the confusion and distortion of the reality about escaping to extreme limits in terms of everyday behavior but also about the representations that its exponents make directly or indirectly to persons, situations, actions, including their own personality. The inner universe is an infinity of hypostases and paradigms in which the human being can find the creative balance that builds emotions and sensations so that they can define themselves. A landscape of Hyper-communication is necessary to clarify the dissonances of opinion and to standardize the comfort of dialogue, to validate the fundamental statements which in superficial circumstances would not be possible, creating blockages of perception and subsequently incomplete conclusions or erroneous. The play of contrasts can be a liberator of authentic sensations in one vibe of positive and exuberance. One can talk about enthusiasm pacifist when the unsabotaged inner worlds take shape in the next reality. The mystery of the game converted into three-dimensional maybe create unpredictable profiles in non-latent states, far from imaginative exploration. Pattern living is an unconscious way of being. The human being can be in a prison through whose windows he can see too little of himself. Various bodies, impetuous attitudes, individual hypotheses of a second skin that, in many ways, talks about the fake packaging that describes the content. The immaterial beauty that defines the human spirit it affects the material, the aesthetic versatility can be transfigured by means of visual metaphorical language, thus changing the perception of diversity that sets us apart but does not rank. Oversized shoes, exaggerated shapes transcend the unconventional, thus confirming our strength to value or underestimate certain aspects of everyday life. Unknown X is today a constant that inhibits our creative abilities but on the other hand, it can be that accumulation of uplifting secrets, overwhelming that I never showed to the intimate audience or to the general public for reasons, never objectives. Untapped virtues or undiscovered they are the X component of the urban that can it changes the mood of the contemporary world.