• And Rising
  • Matt Longley

Helping Popchips Pop

As society has become more health conscious, the ‘better for you’ category has emerged. However, human nature assumes a trade-off - if it is better for me it must taste bad. Our challenge was to overcome this instinctive response to popchips - a new healthy, popped potato chip. We were tasked with creating a global campaign platform that would unite the UK & US markets for the first time and bring popchips to the masses.

The answer: ‘enjoy more’ - a distinctive, colourful and bold creative platform celebrating a positive and vibrant approach to life without compromise. Loud, proud and full of flavour. A rallying cry against bland and apologetic ‘better for you’ marketing. We created a visual brand world for popchips that conveyed most of our messages without having to say anything. Bright, bold, positive, optimistic, different, modern. A brand feeling and vibe that had mainstream, universal appeal but a real strength for people who had the same values and attitudes.

We saw 15-20% uplifts in sales by region according to media investment. popchips is now the fastest growing snack brand in the UK and was acquired by KP Snacks in July 2018.

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