Portugal, The Man - Feel it still - Interactive Music Video

Agency W+K is famed for its sizzling creative ad campaigns. So, we were over the moon when they asked us to help them develop a unique interactive music video for the band “Portugal. The Man”. As the video plays, viewers are prompted to interact with hotspots and collect “causes” in a basket—without disrupting the experience of the band’s catchy hit single: Feel It Still. The causes can then be acted upon, to fight prejudice and injustice. The challenge, when transforming a music video into an interactive experience, is making it enjoyable without distracting the viewer from the main reason they’re there—the music. We used the WIREWAX wishlist function to gamify the video, encouraging viewers to click and explore. And then do it all over again. The interactive elements allowed viewers to dive in and learn more about the issues close to the band, and why they matter.