For years, you’ve been remembering the things you write on Post-it notes.
Now, thanks to the Forget-Me-Notes app, you can forget your notes and let Post-it remember them for you!
Just write your task on a note, and forget it. The app will then remind you about it at just the right time and place.
This is how it works:
1. Write what you want to remember forget. The app will recognize and associate the words you enter (for example: “buy” and “wine”).
2. Forget all about the note and continue with your day.
3. Via geo-location, the app will notify you when you walk past a place where you can actually do something about the note (in this case, a wine shop).
You can also send and receive Post-its to and from other Forget-Me-Note users.
And since these are Post-its, you can decorate them however you want.
Forget-Me-Notes App. Write it. Forget it. And be reminded about it at just the right time and place.

Team Credits

Sofia Santos

  • Message
  • Art director/ Designer

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