Poster & Brochure design for Graduate Degree Show

  • Charlotte Sullivan
For my Graduate Degree Show I was in charge of creating and producing the brochure which would be handed out in the exhibition. We had two Degree shows, one in Trintiy 7 Gallery Hastings and the other in St Edwards Street Brighton. The project included me collecting everyone’s work from my course and constructing the brochure on InDesign. The branding for our show was designed by a fellow course mate and myself. We were inspired by beach huts and the seaside therefore we used Brighton colours and rounded fonts. However we wanted to keep the branding simple so it wasn’t specific to anyone on our course. These pictures show my poster design and a few images from the opening night of the Hasting exhibition.
The poster was going to be double sided and this would of been the back however we ran out of funding. I made this in Photoshop
This was my design of the poster front, however the one we used in the end was slightly different
The brochure
Some images from our opening night at the exhibtion


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