• Kyra-Jade Lamptey

"When Black women stand up- as they did during the Montgomery Bus Boycott-as they did during the Black liberation era, earth-shaking changes occur. " — Angela Y. Davis I've been trying to get into my Creative Directing element recently but as a multipotentialite, not only did I direct this, I modelled, styled, mua'd and edited for this shoot and I'm so proud! The amazing photographer who's now a good friend of mine is Celina M. whom I met on this app and continues to kill it with the camera! Thanks for collaborating with me girl! Now, most importantly... BLACK LIVES WILL ALWAYS MATTER! Happy Black History Month my beautiful people! Whilst I'm not trying to glamourise this painful and traumatic era, I look at this period as a time when us black people declared our power despite our circumstances. Whether we are hung, slaughtered, killed, hated, abused, the list goes on, we still fight. We still unite. It's shocking that we continue to fight today. Even though we are framed and judged, we still succeed because it's just in our nature. I am proud of my people. I'm proud of our origin, our journey and our strength. I love being a black woman, I am soooo proud to be me. I hope these photos touched you as much as I was called to produce them. #photographer #creative #multipotentialite #creativedirector #blackhistorymonth #blackhistory #blackpanthermovement #power #love #people