Pre-diploma "Kaffeeklatsch" (2017)​​​​​​​

  • Henriette Brück

This project evolved from my pre-diploma course at my university. ­The general topic of the course was the german word "Druck", which can be translated and interpreted as "pressure", but as well as "print". I chose to do my project about Coffee, due to it's general use to build up pressure and efficiency to get things done in a work surrounding, but as well you consume coffee to relax while meeting up with friends or family. When one is invited to a stranger's home, it's considered polite to offer a cup of coffee.  The final product, a hardcover book contains chapters about the origins of coffee, how it's produced and information graphics about how we drink coffee and how it's consumption and status varies through global cultures.  The title "Kaffeeklatsch" translates to "Coffee chat", the hour-long conversations two have over a cup of hot black brew. All text and illustrations by me