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Piping Project is the most well-known Steel Plate Manufacturer in Europe. There are two categories of flat-rolled steel or metal products: sheets and plates. With thicknesses ranging from a fraction of a millimeter to a few millimeters, steel plate is typically thinner. They are widely used in flexible and lightweight products including packing materials, roofing, and electronic components. They are usually offered in standard sizes.

They come in a range of sizes, many of which are larger and heavier than those of sheets. Applications including construction, heavy machinery, and industrial equipment that need for strength, durability, and load carrying capacity commonly use plates. We are a supplier of Steel Tube Manufacturer, and Fasteners Manufacturer.

The unique characteristics and applications of these two kinds of metal products, or flat-rolled steel, are essential to the development of several industrial processes and goods. They are essential parts of many different kinds of businesses and the cornerstone of several industries due to their unique qualities. We are also a leading Steel Plate Manufacturer in Turkey, Steel Plate Manufacturer in Germany and Steel Plate Manufacturer in France .


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