Priya Ragu x Deezer

  • Mathushaa Sagthidas

I had the chance to do some art assisting for Priya Ruga x Deezer, see more on my Instagram � Priya Ragu is Deezer's Focus artist for September. Priya recorded an exclusive 2 track Sessions EP for Deezer. Massive massive thanks you to Amesh Wijesekera for bringing me on board for this - you’re incredible ⚡️ Quinn, Priya Ragu and Japhna Gold wearing Amesh Wijesekera’s amazing designs � Listen to her new #damnshestamil so many � songs!! Producer/director - Edie Amos Producer - Jamie Macdonald DOP - Calum Yeats Camera OP - James Waterhouse Art Director - Amesh Wijesekera Art Assistant - Mathushaa Sagthidas