• Adil Raza
Question: How can we creatively bring to life our ethos of ‘done properly’ to our customer?
Solution: I thought it would be fun if the copy reflected the cockney slang interpretation of the word 'proper' which insinuates quality and so I took this idea of quality and showed the audience how Propercorn knows how to everything properly, not just popcorn!​
The campaign will centre around two geezers Baz and Gaz, who are two men who are in the know when it comes to doing things properly.
Television spot/ Digital video:
The competition shows that Propercorn knows how to do everything properly from popcorn to a day out at the cinema! The video will take an actor around the locations shown in the video, but the opportunity to win such an experience is also open to our audience on the Propercorn website.

A Proper Day Out: Mobile App.

The purpose of this app was to use fun and polarising questions to find out more about the user and then create an itinerary that appeals to the traits represented by the answers they chose, making sure they got a day out that was fun for them.