Protein Studios Has a Fresh Face for 2017

After an extensive refurbishment, Protein Studios brings you a beautiful modular co-working space to suit your every need.
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What comes to mind when you hear the words ‘co-working space in east London’? Maybe images of a brightly lit office filled with banks of desks? Or the opposite end of the spectrum – lime green sofas, ball pits and ‘chill out zones’. Either way, Protein Studios’ new co-working space in the heart of Shoreditch doesn’t fall into either of these categories.
After an extensive refurbishment over the New Year, Protein Studios has entered 2017 with a total do-over and now boasts one of the coolest places in London to park an Apple monitor. The new, modular space was created from scratch by London-based design studio Haxch to produce a flexible co-working space that’s beautiful as well as functional – clean lines and a minimalist look are the themes here.
Head of Studios, Harry Pearce explains, “We wanted a space that not only matched the Protein aesthetic but also enhanced it, whilst at the same time being as functional as possible for all our co-workers.” The redesign took inspiration from leftover features of the old print factory that now houses Protein; hanging data cables from ceiling to desk are complemented by the building’s original exposed brickwork and Haxch’s unique, and somewhat unorthodox, choice of cement fibre board on the desks matches the original factory floor.
Aside from looking great and using innovative products, the new space is practical, designed with workers’ needs in mind. The desks, bolted into the concrete floor, aren’t just desks – they double up as hidden storage spaces too, keeping clutter to a minimum. The walls are adorned with an industry standard shelving system, which is adjustable so that each person using the space can tailor it to their own personal needs and make their work environment their own. Haxch also enlisted Olivia Aspinall Studio to design custom table tops for Protein’s reception area, adding additional dimensions in colour and texture to the room. “Looking at it finished it was definitely worth it,” says Marc Bell, founder of Haxch. “We’ve been able to really push the limits with our materials choices, while giving Protein a new co-working space that functions well and adapts well to the people within it and the original structure of the building itself”.
This redesign is a physical manifestation of Protein as a company. The partnership between Protein and Haxch has produced a versatile co-working space that exudes calm and is ideal for creating the collaborative, creative atmosphere so necessary for work spaces today.
If you like what you see, contact and come join us in our new space.

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