Public Persona

  • Jess Gonzalez

Customized Communications coaching using the art of storytelling for professionals and entrepreneurs to gain clarity, confidence and structure .

2020: I lost my job in the midst of a pandemic. 2020: I decided to start my own business, because it´s been a while that I was looking into a career change and that was the push I needed it in order to do so. 2021: It´s time to present to you "Public Persona"! "Public Persona´s" mission is to help and inspire non-native English speakers , so you can gain the clarity, confidence and structure you need in order to feel more at ease when facing job interviews, public speaking or presentations. I founded my coaching company because I was tired myself of thinking that being professional means being boring or always serious. Professionalism comes from expertise, commitment and delivery not from never smiling or having fun doing what you do. We all communicate on a daily basis with our colleagues, families and friends. So speaking in front of potential investors or employers doesn´t have to be a terrifying experience. Let me help you! It´s never too late to dive out of your comfort zone! Have fun while discovering your "Public Persona"!