PUMA Cali Sport

  • Den Salazar

PUMA is a brand that instills joy and confidence and wearing the Cali Sport is going to make you feel kick-ass thanks to its edgy thick sole. The idea revolves around a West Coast sunset, upbeat and strong motivational messaging and street style cool with the shoe always a focal point. Founded in 1948 by Rudolf Dassler the company have more than 70 years of rich archive content to utilize and introduce to new audiences. Race tracks, to courts to now the streets - PUMA are making a mark. Focusing on the 16-22 year old consumer, a colour palette inspired by a Santa Monica Beach sunset would grab their attention. But also pass a message of loving our own self-image, to feel confident in your day-to-day. Briefed at Created Academy Briefed by: Tom Pearce, PUMA Sportstyle Brand Communications Manager

'STEP IT UP' lighting in-store to extend the atmosphere of the social content to other parts of the business.
Carnaby Street, Cali Sport retail front takeover