PUMA: Cali Sport

  • Pili Enrich Pons

Motion social media content

PUMA launched the PUMA Women’s ‘Cali Sport’ in Autumn-Winter 2019. Our job was to develop a 10-20 second piece of motion content for use on Instagram. This piece of content would be part of a wider social content package used to drive awareness of the PUMA Cali silhouette and drive purchase consideration. The PUMA Cali Sport had to be the ‘hero product’ and the focus of the piece, but we had to bring to life the PUMA Cali world and lifestyle.

Brief written by Tom Pearce (PUMA Sportstyle Brand Communications Manager).
1080 x 1350px Main Instagram post
1080 x 1080px Loop Instagram post
1350 x 1080px GIF
1080 x 1080px Kinetic loop - sticker