Qtum - Smart Contract Platform

    Qtum is an open-source hybrid blockchain application platform. Qtum’s core technology combines the security of UTXO model, robust Bitcoin core architecture and an Account Abstraction Layer, which acts as a bridge to communicate multiple Virtual Machines, including the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and x86 VM. The Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism enables true decentralization, while also increasing stability, security and efficiency of the blockchain platform. Key features: - Bitcoin UTXO protocol - Support for smart contract development - POS v3.0 consensus mechanism - Value Transferring - Decentralized Governance Protocol: DGP allows to customize the blockchain using smart contracts - x86 Virtual Machine: x86 VM enables support for C, C++, Rust, Python and other languages allowing to build in virtually any environment. - Over 5000 nodes operational around the globe - Active community of developers, providing comprehensive documentation, samples of code and tools - Account Abstraction Layer: AAL decouples applications from the underlying protocol and increases smart contract scalability

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