The ground shakes, it’s six in the morning. I wake up grudgingly, an earthquake in London? I quickly rise out of my bed, the bedside table collapses dropping my alarm clock and pile of books. The shakes become more violent, I need to get out of here right now. I run down the stairs, the shaking makes it difficult but I manage to step outside of the house when the shaking suddenly stops. I see people holding onto each other, cars are turned over. it seems like everything is back to normal now. Wait a second, it’s happening again one big quake and then it stops. I look to see a man holding his daughter, I walk up to them to see if they are ok. As I walk, I slip and fall into a ditch. The man with his daughter runs to me. “Are you ok sir?” he asks “yeah I’m fine thank you, didn’t see where I was going” I reply. I notice as I’m dusting myself off he has a bewildered look on his face.“What?” I ask him “almost looks like a footprint,” he says. “I’m sorry what?” I say as I climb out of the ditch, the man helps me up. “Look,” he says, I take a step back. I can’t believe what I’m seeing, this must be some sort of advertising stunt or something. “Thanks for the help man,” I say to him. “No problem I’m Mark,” he says, he points to his daughter “this is Anna.” I smile and shake his hand and wave at Anna, she quietly waves back she’s so cute. “Pleasure meeting you both I’m Noah.” The ground starts shaking again, Anna grabs hold of Mark we all get down to the ground. It stops, Mark and I look at each other in confusion. It shakes again and we hear a roar, we collectively freeze. “I know it wasn’t just me that heard that” I say to Mark. “No man I heard that too” says Mark, poor little Anna starts trembling. The ground shakes again and stops this time more frequently, almost sounding like a man walking. “This isn’t happening” I mutter. “What?” Mark says, “ it sounds like something is walking towards us” I reply. Mark looks at me like I’ve lost my mind, “We’ve just met but that sounds like you watch way too many movies” he says. I do watch a lot of movies to be fair, but it starts again this time it’s louder. It feels closer too my ears start ringing. It feel like my teeth are rattling. Mark winces and covers Anna’s ears. I look ahead and see what seems to be two giant trees moving. I slowly look up, is that a...is that a man? Mark quickly gets up holding his daughter “either I’m seeing things or we need to leave.” I get up quickly and turn to run when the sound of a booming thud shakes me to my core. I turn to see a wall of flesh. It rises slowly, my jaw drops and so does Marks. That’s a foot, it casts a huge shadow over us, covering us completely. It steps over us as the other foot does the same. It walks on with its giant tree-like limbs, it’s so tall we can’t see it’s face. I don’t think we would even want to. I want to move but I can't, all I can do it stare.It lets out one last roar so loud we have to cover our ears. It feels like the world is shaking in response, it keeps on walking.

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