Quarantena Exhibition - 30 Artworks by Steve Kalinda

  • Steve Kalinda

Quarantena is a selection of drawings I did last year during the first lockdown. It was strange to see London so empty like in a post-apocalyptic film, it was very surreal. The idea of being alone felt very real to me. I love space and quietness, but this was different, was it loneliness? A combination of geometric shapes and vibrant colours were collated to create beautiful spaces, I then added a Human silhouette, I wanted the artwork to have a sense of isolation. We long for things to ease up so we can go back to living our lives once more, but we also know that what we knew as normal isn’t what we want to get back to. Our mental health is something that has become important to us, prioritising things that matter and it is my hope that our future will be one that reflects this. Being kinder to each other, being more aware of how we affect the person next to us, that is what matters. We give each other hope, just by occupying the same space.